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About us
Shanghai Kayuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise dedicated to the production and R&D of industrial fluid sensors and controllers. Its main products are switches and sensors for flow, pressure, temperature and liquid level. In 2008, PAKU set up an assembly plant in Shanghai, China. Shanghai Kayuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (with CATO Cato's own brand) http://www.cato-sh.com )It is a domestic special assembly factory of PAKU, which adopts the advanced technology and manufacturing process of German PAKU factory. With professional design and production technology, a full range of product lines, excellent quality and sales.
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Common problem
  • Selection of receiving position of electromagnetic flowmeter

    The signal generated by the electromagnetic transmitter is very weak, so it is an important factor to make good use of the electromagnetic flowmeter to prevent the impact of external electrical interference.

  • Laying of field cables for electromagnetic flowmeter

    At present, the cable laying is divided into two types: nameless laying and concealed laying. Concealed laying refers to the unified consideration of electromagnetic flowmeter and other industrial control instruments in the design of the plant, and the steel pipes for laying cables are embedded in the cement floor and walls in advance.
  • Pay attention to the following points when wiring

    Pay attention to the following points when wiring:
    1. The wiring shall be carried out in strict accordance with the wiring diagram according to the principle of matching the transmitter with the converter.
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